• 2010-11-09

    Military Style Jacket - [my style]


    军装外套,今年秋冬大热的时尚单品, 我怎么能错过呢。 可是我从来都不适合过于硬朗中性的造型,所以穿好军装外套,穿出自己的帅气风格还是很大的考验呢。 一件性感包臀小黑裙中和了军装的硬朗线条,让军装也性感起来,哈哈,我从来都是只是个小女人。

    military style jacket, the hottest must-buy fashion item, will never esacape from my shopping list. Though I can't handle tough neutral style personally, I still want to try military jacket. I know it is not easy for me to keep to my own style with a military jacket, but wearing a sexy tight black skirt helps me deal with the tough military jacket and makes it look gentle. huh, anything on me will be softened.