• 2011-03-08

    Camel jacket - [my style]


  • 2011-02-15

    It's still raining - [my style]


    It's still raining outside. Though it is as cold as in January, I become more used to the coldness and feel OK about it. Just a coat can help to keep me warm in the chilly rainy days. With the stripe jumper, today's outfit is completed. I think I look quite vibrant with all my hair tied. I should do it to my hair often.

  • 2010-12-23

    simple outfit - [my style]


    These days, it is very warms in GZ and it seems that one can wear either summer outfits or winter outfits. Very simple pairing, a dark blue sweater which has been hiden at the bottom of the wardrobe for a long time and a floral print dress that I worn in summer.

  • 2010-11-16

    lace blouse - [my style]

    尽管我对蕾丝很不感冒,但是第一眼看到这件蕾丝上衣,马上就被它复古的气质给吸引了,尤其喜欢它透明的蕾丝袖 还有这种不是很做作的粉色。后来事实证明我是非常适合蕾丝之类很女性化的元素,没办法,本人就长了一张很文静的脸。  

    Though I am not fond of lace very much, the first time I saw this lace blouse, I was immediately caught by the unique vintage style, especially by its transparent lace sleeves and natural pink color. At last,  the fact tells everything that feminine elements such as lace can work perfectly well on me. What can I say, ladylike style is implanted in my blood since I was born.

    (vintage lace blouse, H&M black skirt, vintage necklace)

  • 军装外套,今年秋冬大热的时尚单品, 我怎么能错过呢。 可是我从来都不适合过于硬朗中性的造型,所以穿好军装外套,穿出自己的帅气风格还是很大的考验呢。 一件性感包臀小黑裙中和了军装的硬朗线条,让军装也性感起来,哈哈,我从来都是只是个小女人。

    military style jacket, the hottest must-buy fashion item, will never esacape from my shopping list. Though I can't handle tough neutral style personally, I still want to try military jacket. I know it is not easy for me to keep to my own style with a military jacket, but wearing a sexy tight black skirt helps me deal with the tough military jacket and makes it look gentle. huh, anything on me will be softened.